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Travel agency beach breeze and sea.


From the demand side, the tourist, also changes. The youngest requires a different tourism, not looking for a quality hotel, but something cheap as a hostel. Furthermore, not only it seeks tourism in summer, but is split and used much the weekend and the bridge. The holidays are not concentrated in one month. The new tourist asks a different service and cares about respect for environmental, not a destructive tourism.


We are a solid and responsible, able to meet the needs of all our customers tourism, formed a team of high quality that always works thinking about customers, suppliers and partners Providing good accommodation facilities and offering decent and kind treatment ; We operate on the basis of technological development, honesty, human quality and effectiveness of our services, hospitality and tourism, offer the best products seeking excellence, to reach a level of service that allows us to achieve integral development as individuals and as company.


be one of the best known companies worldwide for providing excellent hospitality and tourism services, be classified in the future as one of the most prestigious and recognized by society, developing the best promotional and additional packages in hotels and tourist sites.

Quality politics

Achieving loyalty and satisfaction of our customers based on the following guidelines:
v  Effective and efficient participation of a human, qualified and committed to the values of Travel resource.
v  Providing a personalized, agile and timely.
v   Providing clear, complete and timely information as a key element of our communication process.
v   The constructive and productive with other tourism organizations and suppliers interaction, so that we can meet the common objectives and add value to the services and products.
v   Continuous improvement of quality management system.

General objectives

Provide the best tourist sites and hotels more coverage nationally and internationally.
Promote vacation packages for clients such as:

1. Quinceañeras
2. Excursions
3. Birthday
4. Elderly with greater safety and accountability.

We have.


v  Transfers
v  Accommodation
v  unlimited power
v  Buffet and snacks
v  Steakhouses
v  Unlimited drinks and liquors
v  Shows daily
v  The most beautiful beaches
v  open bar
v  Recreation
v  Non-motorized water sports

                                                 Airline packages.

                                                 Counting all destinations

                 comfort, safety and comfort

                      Ground services

                             Counting all destinations:

  v       Comfort, safety and comfort
  v   Air conditioner
  v   Bath
  v   TV
  v   Stop food points.



                                                    Maritime services

                                                   Counting all destinations.

                    comfort, safety and comfort
              Air conditioner
              Bar, restaurant, pool, casinos, stores and much more.

Specific objectives.

v  Be innovative, pioneering and try to achieve adapt to a world of
permanent change.
v  Introduce the company in the middle of the hospitality and tourism at national and international level.
Be a firm commitment, honesty, punctuality and responsibility to our customers

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